The Get2Give gift box is a limited run of self-care packages specifically focused on giving back; With 100% of proceeds going to the Loveland Foundation, which focuses on bringing healing resources to women and girls of color. Whether you are purchasing the box to give yourself some much needed TLC or sending some love to a loved one, the contents of this box are targeted to tackle every aspect of self-care. The mental, the physical, and the spiritual. Each item has been chosen to help you cleanse, protect, and charge your spirit. The idea is that you will GET a care package while you simultaneously GIVE to charity. Find out more information about The Loveland Foundation at the link below.

The Loveland Foundation

Donate Below

If you are not interested or do not have have the means to purchase the Get2Give Box but would still like to support our cause, please donate what you can. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Loveland Foundation directly at the end of our campaign in one lump sum. Our goal is to donate $5,000 or more to assist the Loveland Foundation in providing free therapy and healing resources to women and girls of color. 

About Us

The Get2Give initiative was founded by two friends who felt compelled, especially in today’s climate, to spread a little bit of light. Isabella Farrell (a model/ actor) and Amanda Paige (a makeup artist) both currently reside in NYC, and met 5 years ago working in the fashion industry.  Inspired by a small homemade care package that Amanda sent Isabella to lift her spirits during quarantine, the Get2Give Initiative was born. Once the commitment to donate 100% of profits from each box sold was made, they then embarked on their journey to find a foundation that aligned with their values. It was important to them to create something that positively contributes to pressing issues in today’s society.  A main one being the accessibility of mental health services, especially to women and girls of color. That is when they heard about the incredible services that the Loveland Foundation provides. With the Get2Give boxes, customers can work on finding their inner peace during this unprecedented time, while also paying it forward and allowing those who may not have the means to receive vital mental health services. Isabella and Amanda believe that the world we live in can only thrive if people are able to be at their individual best and continue to uplift their communities.